For Assets backed token issuers and other market participants.

what we do

Our Offer

We are a blockchain digital currency exchange platform for several digital currencies. All our digital currencies are backed by fiat currency on Ethereum blockchain with a smart contract functionality to provide individuals and organizations with a resistant and decentralized method of exchanging value.

Our Currencies

We provide these 20 different currencies for exchange, which can be transferred between different countries. All our currencies will have bank accounts and each time a currency is sold on our platform, its money is directly forwarded to our holding account.

Our Platform

Our platform permits people to move money around the world to facilitate the buying, selling, investing, and the spending process without going through bank transfers. Users of both sides can use our system and they can do the clearing of funds at the end of the day, week or month.

our goals

  • Improving payment system resilience and competition

  • Increasing financial inclusion

  • Meeting future payment needs in a digital economy

  • Improving cross-border digital payments

  • Preventing unlawful and fraud activities

  • Instant settlement and throughput

  • Full tracebelity of the Digital Currency via log sheet

  • Interoperability, flexibility, and adaptability

  • Scalability

  • KYC / AML

  • GPRS

  • PSD2

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